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Moving the Asian season Murray in Thailand and Tokyo

Beijing time on oct. 14, 2011 Shanghai rolex masters in tomorrow on two games the semi-finals of the men’s singles title. Ferrer in afternoon session will play again the semi-finals of our compatriots, and Philip lopez-defending champion Murray will appear in the evening against, against Japan boy genius brocade weaving humanity, because he has this guidance gilbert two players, this game is especially remarkable. In addition the Shanghai masters will also launched two games in tomorrow’s double the semi-finals of the competition, ZhongWang champions DE la/ze be JiJi and last year’s runner-up at the Shanghai FeiTeng tversky will thucydides/come on stage. Center court at first game will swing in on time.

The central stadium:

In the first game BuPaDi/pace [4] vstrue religion mens flare jeans  MiErNi/NaSiTe [2] (afternoon at)

The second field phillips-lopez vs ferrer [3] (not earlier than 16:30 afternoon)

7 years in Shanghai masters cup runners-up to before the two ferrer in Shanghai masters is not good, but the record this year he promotion road isn’t easy, the third round save three match point, after ferrero in reverse compatriots in this game is in the third set in Shanghai for the first time reversal roddick the semifinals of the masters, this also is his eighth of the season in the semifinals of the tour.

This season’s serve excellent performance in the last eight of the war-lopez kept out of 10 remember after two straight, Ace ball on a stroll round plate beat out rafael nadal’s German F-and since the meyer again after the semifinals of the Shanghai masters score, and this is the second time this season in the last four of the tour.

Two players have too much after ten meetings, Philippines-six wins four leading lopez for their compatriots to our last meeting, in this year’s at monte carlo, ferrer in the second round only throw two innings win, but send egg late in two of the seven times hard court action against Spain, from male but keeps six wins a negative absolute advantage, that includes the in Shanghai the second round 4-6/7-5/6-1 opponent, this “reverse again in this field must play against ferrer, also hope to succeed revenge.

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The third game brocade weaving humanity vs Murray [2] (not earlier in the evening 20:00)

Moving the Asian season Murray in Thailand and Tokyo, and as the title finish back-to-back champions league last year he never lost a plate of the title this year, in the third round after three plate walline revenge, and in the last eight after card in the war over Australia dark horse eboue, thus to put the semi-finals this season of 13 straight record 11 times in tour semi-final, and this is the Shanghai masters won his seventh straight win.

Japanese boy genius brocade weaving humanity in the Shanghai masters is brilliantly, he also became the task only to save of Asian player. In the continuous, add, loose beat gilardino er much, dole GeBo rove later, jin woven into the semi-finals of the first time his masters, and this is to help the world ranking on next Monday at least came to the position of the 32, and once again made repairs in its development beyond predecessors in 1992 created the 46 rankings records.

Despite the record in masters “is woven kam 5 wins, and Murray 7 negative is reached 107 wins and negative and hand seven masters trophy, but the current Japanese teenager in superb form, although two people had not had played, but he may be in the semi-final to British manufacturing some trouble. Considering the coach gilbert Murray before are now guiding jin woven, he will certainly “to his disciple some can refrain from Murray method

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